January 02, 2018

Welcome to The Tiller

Welcome to The Tiller, the new blog for the WestBred® brand dedicated to highlighting the heart and heritage of the wheat industry, while also looking ahead to the innovations and new discoveries that await the world of wheat in the future.

The wheat market, like any market, can and will ebb and flow. Yields that were once unheard of can be a godsend in one region and not enough in another. Year in and year out, growers, seed suppliers and agronomists come to the experts at WestBred for the practical applications that will increase their potential yield. And we pride ourselves on being able to provide data and expertise that, in concert with the experience of the generations of growers themselves, seeks to improve the return on an investment in wheat.

But we’re interested in the human element of wheat growers.

What keeps a farm growing wheat for not just a season but a century? What new techniques are growers using to achieve more? How are seed suppliers helping growers today? What are the accolades and accomplishments those within the world of wheat are garnering?

Wheat has been celebrated for eons, from prehistoric days to the Founding Fathers writing about the lush amber waves of grain in anthems and tributes. But we want to celebrate you —  the grower, the seed supplier, the person who doesn’t look at wheat as a simple commodity but as a way of life.

The Tiller will share stories — stories about how an old wheat farm is looking to the future to not just maintain its yield average but to also increase it; stories about evolving landscapes and varieties that were able to be tailored to that region; stories about techniques in wheat, like an optimal seeding rate, that increase the potential for their yield; stories about where wheat enthusiasts can meet to share their own stories face to face.

WestBred will continue to lead the way in agronomy insights, delivering certified products that are bred for your region and state. But we want to hear from you as well. What tried and true methods are you employing to get more out of your wheat? What varieties are doing wonders for you? What is your family doing to ensure future generations continue this tradition?

These are the stories we want to read, send and share.

To share your wheat story with WestBred, contact us at the.tiller@westbred.com or contact us through our Facebook® or Twitter® pages.

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