January 11, 2018

Two two-time NWYC champions with WestBred® wheat varieties

When it comes to wheat, we all know what three things are most important: yield, yield and yield. And with everyone striving to beat their personal yield records, you can bet the competition is pretty stiff among competitors at the National Wheat Yield Contest

This year, two WestBred® growers were not only among the NWYC national champions but they were also repeat national champions.

Terry Wilcox and Dan Mills each were awarded national championships for their WestBred wheat plots in 2016 and are going back to Commodity Classic again for their championship-caliber 2017 entries.

This year Terry, a native of Rexburg, Idaho, took second place nationally for his 143.91 Bu/A yield and first place in Idaho in the spring wheat - irrigated division.

Not to be outdone, Dan busted his competition’s yield with 137.85 Bu/A that was good for first place nationally in the spring wheat - irrigated division.

Both of the competitors won this year with the horses that got them to the championship in 2016, with Terry using WB9668 and Dan using SOLANO again this year.

Congratulations to Terry, Dan and all of WestBred 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest winners!

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Terry Wilcox (right) won with WB9668 both years, while Dan Mills (left) won each season with SOLANO.