August 26, 2019

The Four-Legged Farmhand


You can count on them to be waiting at the door to greet you each day, to lick the tears off your face during tough times, and you can even find them nuzzling their way into the combine just to ride next to you. 

They’re our most loyal companion in and out of the fields, and for Nikki Naas, that rings especially true.

Nikki has been helping out on her family farm near McVille, North Dakota, her whole life. This year, however, is her first year taking on a few acres of her own — but it’s not alone.

Nikki’s sidekick is a little different than the usual farmhand. He’s only about three years old, has four paws, and can be found running through fields most days.

“Judge is my dream dog!” said Nikki. “I had always wanted a German shepherd, so when I graduated from college and knew I was moving back to the farm, I couldn’t wait to get a puppy.”

Judge isn’t just her farmhand — he also brings Nikki a sense of security.

“Judge does so much for me; he is my protector and makes me feel safe. He’s a constant companion through the good and the bad,” said Nikki. “With the ups and downs of farm life, he definitely helps us all remember to enjoy the little things. He is a character who keeps us all smiling and laughing.”

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