April 23, 2019

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day


David Knudson with his wife, Katie and two daughters, Piper and Molly. Photo via David Knudson

David Knudson has many titles: farmer, son, husband. But his favorite? Dad.

David has been farming for over 20 years and growing wheat for 18 of those. “My wife and I both come from farm families who have grown wheat as a major cash crop for many generations,” David said.

The decision to farm came easily for David as he was born and raised on his family’s farm and doesn’t remember ever wanting to do anything else. Now on his farm in Larimore, North Dakota, David’s getting to see his two young daughters, Molly and Piper, follow in his footsteps.

“My daughters both enjoy coming out in the field,” David said. “I remember many days sleeping on the floor of a tractor or combine as a child. Thankfully, my children are fortunate enough to live the same life. I love having my girls ride along. I especially love the interest they show by asking detailed questions about what exactly we’re doing at all times.”

For this family, farming doesn’t come as just a job or a hobby — it’s everything.

“Farming means the world to my family. Our whole life revolves around farming and I hope my daughters continue being interested in farming and hope they find a place in the agriculture community.”