October 17, 2018

2018 spring wheat harvest wrapping up

Despite a late start during planting due to wet field conditions, spring wheat harvest is wrapping up across the country. WestBred® wheat Regional Commercial Manager Ryan Weber estimated that in his area (Montana, southern Idaho and surrounding areas of Utah and Wyoming), approximately 75% of wheat has been harvested, with November 1st being the projected date of completion.

Even though this harvest is about two or three weeks behind what it would be in a typical year, Weber says farmers have been pleased with the outcomes. “What has been harvested has been great yields, very good protein. The farmers are really happy with what they’ve been able to harvest,” Weber said. Specifically, in his area, irrigated fields have seen anywhere between 120 and 150 bushels, with dryland seeing anywhere from 40 to 70 bushels.

In terms of varieties, the newer WB9590 has proven to be a top performer in the Northern and Montana regions, along with WB9668, which continues to have a consistently high yield and protein output. For areas that needed a Clearfield® Plus Production System, WB9879CLP has performed really well for them.

Chase Nelson, a WestBred farmer just outside of Arthur, North Dakota, also reported satisfactory yields and protein content. “This year we raised around 3,200 acres of wheat. We had pretty high protein and a decent yield. I want to say our average yield was in the high 70s,” Nelson said. Kurt Druffel of Norm Druffel & Sons, a third-generation farm in Pullman, Washington, also had a successful 2018 spring wheat harvest. “2018 harvest was excellent with higher than average yields as a result of excellent rainfall and cool growing conditions this spring,” said Druffel.

Although the full harvest results are still coming in, Weber predicts that there won’t be much change in terms of seed selection for the 2019 spring wheat season. “Everyone is really happy with very good yields and great protein,” says Weber.

What were harvest results like in your region? What changes will you be making for next season? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or drop us an email at the.tiller@westbred.com.  

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