December 19, 2018

NWYC winner spotlight: Trevor Stout and his father, Doug, are on a winning streak



Trevor Stout of North Central Idaho has more in common with his father, Doug, than just a last name: they were both winners in the 2018 NWYC. Trevor won in the spring wheat category and Doug won with his winter wheat fields. Together, they operate DT Stout J.V.  “My dad and I farm together. I graduated high school a year and a half ago. Last year, my dad entered [the NWYC] and won and then we had a local guy in our co-op encourage us to enter.”

Trevor attributes much of his success to a winning blend of WB9668 and WB9518. “There are quite a few growers around my area who grow WestBred® wheat. I would suggest to them WB9668 because it is a good protein maker, high yielder and compares with anything else in its category. We do love how short it is — it’s easier to grow and manage.” With a winning yield of 117 bu/A, Trevor says that he plans on growing the same variety next year.

Although Trevor was confident in the seed he planted this past season, his fields performed even better than he and his father had hoped. “We knew that we were going to have good success with our spring crop — we had good moisture and good stand. But we were a little surprised at the yields in one particular field because those yields were better than we expected.”

What you get out of your fields is often what you put in. And in Trevor’s case, his hard work paid off. He looks forward to the opportunities that winning the NWYC will provide. “Getting to meet all the different farmers from across the country, and of course WestBred wheat’s hospitality. The whole overall experience is great; I haven’t traveled much in my life so getting to go Orlando will be great.”