December 11, 2019

Idaho Wheat Farmers Have What It Takes to Break National Wheat Yield Records

When it comes to wheat, Idaho farmers Doug and Trevor Stout have the expertise and resilience to grow record-breaking yields. The father-son team has taken top honors in the National Wheat Yield Contest three years in a row — and they’ve done so with their WestBred® wheat varieties.

For 2019, Doug won first place in Idaho and first place in the nation with KELDIN in the Winter Wheat – Dryland, High Yield category. He achieved a yield of 181.93 bu/A.

Trevor won first place in Idaho and first place in the nation with WB9668 in the Spring Wheat – Dryland category. The young farmer harvested an impressive 111.12 bu/A.

For the Stouts, a successful wheat season begins with selecting the right variety. “We chose KELDIN for its winter hardiness and yield potential,” Doug says. “It’s really been a rock for us.” 

“It all starts with choosing the best genetics,” Trevor agrees. “It also takes a great team.”

Teamwork is very much a family affair on the Stout farm. “My favorite part of farming is working with my parents every day,” shares Trevor, whom Doug credits with “bringing a young, progressive mind to the team.”


Overcoming Weather Challenges

The 2019 wheat growing seasons in the Northwest were not without their challenges. The Stouts had no measurable precipitation until December when 3 inches of snow fell. Their wheat plants emerged right under the snow. A foot of snow fell in February, followed by a warm spring that allowed their wheat to jump out to a good start.

Mother Nature was kinder to their spring wheat. Cooler temperatures minimized stress, although high winds did dry the ground, causing plants to emerge unevenly. “We’re always looking for wheat that has good protein and still yields, and WB9668 was a good blend of both — with a strong disease package, too,” says Trevor. “We’re grateful to WestBred [wheat] for letting us reap the rewards of their breeding program.”


Meet the Stouts – Idaho Wheat Farmers and Three-Time National Wheat Yield Contest Winners

The team: Doug Stout and son, Trevor, manage the farm and make all

variety and input decisions. Wife/mother, Tammy, oversees the books and makes yield maps. Kyle Renton, agronomist with WestBred seed supplier Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, is a trusted adviser. Lindsay Crigler, technical product manager for WestBred wheat, provides input on variety selection along with agronomic support.

Location: Genesee, Idaho (on the Palouse)

Crops: The Stouts grow Hard Red Winter Wheat, spring wheat and


National Wheat Yield Contest: This is their third year entering/placing at the top of both state and national yields.

Plans for 2020: The Stouts will plant WB9668 again. They are also looking at the WestBred Hard Red Winter Wheat pipeline for a replacement for tried-and-true KELDIN.