June 27, 2018

WestBred® wheat growers look for varieties that overcome challenges

Farming is an enterprise laden with risk. Months of planning and hard work can be dashed with a late freeze, the introduction of a new parasite that’s made its way to your field, or any number of environmental wrinkles.

We know yield is your primary driver when choosing one seed variety over another, and your yield can’t reach its full potential when your crops are battling against Mother Nature. That’s why WestBred® wheat growers return to our products over and over again for region-specific wheat varieties that can tackle whatever challenges Mother Nature throws at them.

In fact, growers from all corners of the country experienced the benefits of WestBred wheat’s technologically advanced varieties this past season. Take a look at some of the home runs WestBred wheat varieties have been hitting in the fields of our growers and National Wheat Yield Champions in this video. 

These growers show that no matter your region or farming conditions, you can find a WestBred variety to help. Recently in Kansas, unpredictable weather has threatened to topple crops. Tyler Ediger shared his story about the 2017 Kansas blizzard that was no match for his contest-winning WB4303. Brandon Friesen’s Kansas fields were also put to the test. When asked about his National Wheat Yield Champion crop, he said that WestBred varieties, in particular WB-GRAINFIELD, stood up to the challenge of another unseasonable blizzard.

But Jim Solem of Oslo, Minnesota, said his WestBred wheat variety, WB9479, performed well on even his less-ideal fields. “We actually planted it on a field that is mediocre land, and it yielded awesome,” Jim recalled. “The technology is making things better, and yields are going up all the time. It's not just because of all our farming practice. It's because of the technology with the seed.”

This seed technology was also critical to Marc Arnusch of Prospect Valley, Colorado, whose selected regional varieties are a great fit for his growing environment in the central U.S. Arnusch claims WB4303 is “easily the best irrigated wheat variety we've ever grown.” Marc also said that WB-GRAINFIELD and WB4721 are varieties he recommends. The varieties he says work the best on his operations are due to their “yield potential, being able to have that agronomic package underneath that wheat variety so that it stands and so that we have a disease package that rewards that initial seed investment.”

With these region-specific seed varieties that are locally tested to tackle the challenges your crops face, you can be confident in your seed investment and yield potential.

When selecting your next variety, think about all of the conditions, variables and unforeseen events that could potentially affect your yield, and consider WestBred wheat varieties. With our time-tested varieties and 10 new varieties coming this season, you can’t go wrong.

Need more help selecting a variety? Contact the seed suppliers in your area today and ask them about the latest and greatest from WestBred wheat.

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