May 30, 2018

Father and son share 2017 #BredToWin victories

Wheat farming isn’t the only thing that runs in the family for Prospect Valley, Colorado’s Marc and Brett Arnusch. Winning is also a family tradition.

Brett and his father, Marc, each entered and won weekly prizes in the 2017 #BredToWin photo contest. Brett was the first weekly winner of the contest while Marc was the week nine winner.

“Bragging rights were definitely a part of it,” Brett said in an interview with The Tiller. “When I entered the contest it seemed cool, but I wasn’t expecting to win. Then I did and showed my dad. I guess he got tired of me rubbing it in his face so he got his time to shine too.”

Brett is graduating from Colorado State University this spring with a degree in environmental and natural resource economy. Outside of his studies, he has been teaming up with his dad by working on Marc Arnush Farms for as long as he can remember. He’s been contributing since he was pulling onions in middle school and continues to help harvest WestBred® wheat.  

But Brett said the #BredToWin contest meant more to him than just family bragging rights or winning a cool prize.

“I entered the contest last year because I thought it would be a great way to show what we’re doing on our farm,” Brett said, adding that his father placed second in the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest and was a state champion for Colorado.



“A majority of what we grow is WestBred [wheat],” Brett said of his farm’s recent activity. “It’s hard to compete with WB4303 when the head on the stalk is the size of your arm.”

“Those contests get our farm and our seed business in front of people in the industry,” Brett recalled. “But also it’s a great way to reach people who aren’t in farming either. Sometimes there can be a big disconnect between the people within our industry and the people who benefit from it across the world.”

This year’s #BredToWin contest promises to be even greater with different prizes each week, from field kits to help you on the job to golf equipment and home decor.

But weekly prizes aren’t all that are at stake. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a trip to 2019’s Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida, with accompanying tickets to Walt Disney World for you and the family.

The 10-week contest begins on June 18 and will conclude on August 26. To enter, comment on the weekly contest post with a photo of your WestBred wheat. Be sure to mention the variety and location in your post for a complete entry and a shot at a weekly as well as the grand prize.

Follow WestBred wheat on Facebook and enter there from June 18 through August 26 for your chance to win and take your place among the brightest faces in the world of wheat today!

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