October 30, 2018

Get to know a #BredToWin winner: Kaitlin Calvert


In this #BredToWin spotlight, we take a look at our week six winner, Kaitlin Calvert of Genesee, Idaho. An agronomist for Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, Calvert has been working in the wheat industry for almost three years. “It amazes [me] how diverse agriculture is in just the area I work in. Every operation is different and I believe that is a great thing for the industry. It helps me as an agronomist to see what works and what doesn’t on any given year between the different farming operations.”

With a B.S. in agriculture and food systems from Washington State University, Calvert is passionate about how technology, specifically seed genetics, can help improve the operations of her growers. “Harvest for my growers was great. We had minimal disease pressure, great moisture and some record-breaking yields this year. I think a big part of a successful wheat harvest is wheat genetics.”

However, high yields are not the only thing Calvert looks for in a good product. “A combination of yield potential, protein, disease resistance and end-use quality gives you the foundation for a successful harvest.” It’s this winning combination of traits that Calvert attributes to the record-breaking yields this harvest. “Every great harvest starts with top-of-the-line seed,” says Calvert.

Although Calvert spent her first year of college in the computer science program, she quickly switched over to the Agriculture and Technology Management (AgTM) program in order to help support her passion for sustainable agriculture. “Growing wheat is important to me because I want to be there to help feed the world in the most sustainable way possible.”

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WestBred® Strip Trial in Genesee, Idaho. Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Calvert via the 2018 #BredToWin contest.