WestBred Wheat Growers Win Big in the 2019 NWYC

13 WestBred wheat growers became national winners in the 2019 NWYC. This goes to show that WestBred® wheat varieties have a strong performance on and off the field.

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WestBred wheat varieties are bred to offer industry-leading genetic potential. This contest highlights the production practices growers like you are using to maximize that potential — and celebrates the successes you’re seeing in the field. Plus, it awards national winners with a free trip to Commodity Classic 2020 in San Antonio, Texas

The 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest WestBred winners include:

Winter Wheat – Irrigated

  • Marc Arnusch, CO, 1st Place; 210.52 bu/A with WB4418
  • Phillip Gross, WA, 2nd Place; 200.48 bu/A with WB 4394


Winter Wheat – Dryland

  • Doug Stout, ID, 1st place; 181.93bu/A with Keldin
  • Alec Horton, KS, 4th Place; 146.81 bu/A with WB4792
  • Shawn Kimbrell, TX, 1st Place % increase; 70.93 bu/A (372.87% increase) with WINTERHAWK
  • Rick Horton, KS,  3rd Place % increase; 132 bu/A (340.00% increase) with WB4792
  • CR Freeman, OK,  4th Place % increase; 95.29 bu/A (333.14% increase) with  WB4515


Spring Wheat – Dryland

  • Trevor Stout, ID,  1st place; 111.13 bu/A with WB9668
  • Brian Lacey, MN, 2nd place; 103.04 bu/A with WB9479
  • Doug & Janelle Fitterer, ND, 2nd place % increase; 96.07 bu/A (191.12% increase) with WB9590
  • Orin Knutson, MN, 3rd place % increase; 98.18 bu/A (78.51%) with WB9590


Spring Wheat – Irrigated

  • Derek Friehe, WA, 1st place; 180.77 bu/A with WB 9668
  • Terry Wilcox, ID, 2nd place; 151.40 bu/A with WB 9668