National Wheat Yield Contest

Through our sponsorship of the National Wheat Yield Contest, WestBred® wheat facilitates knowledge transfer between growers, helping you learn about the successful production techniques other growers are using to maximize yield potential.


Don't forget to submit your 2.5 lb wheat sample and ticket by October 1st to confirm your entry. It is important to submit your wheat sample to the Contest for analysis by September 15th in order for all harvest data to be available to Contest officials to determine winning entries on a timely basis. 

2017 Contest Winners and Entry Dates for 2018

The winners were just announced for the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest. 22 of them are WestBred growers. Watch the video below highlighting the 2017 winners. 

Entry forms for the 2018 contest must be entered online by 5:00 EST on May 15 (winter wheat) or August 1 (spring wheat). Early registration ends April 1 (winter wheat) and June 15 (spring wheat). The NWYC is sponsored by the National Wheat Foundation. Visit to read more and enter the contest. 

The Winners of NWYC 2017

WestBred® wheat announced today that 22 WestBred growers placed at the national and/or state levels in the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest.