Local Product & Agronomy Recommendations

Breeding wheat varieties that meet growers’ needs, and testing them locally — that's what we're known for. See how we continue advancing the yield potential and quality of wheat through our exceptional breeding program.




Hard red winter wheat.

  • Very Good Yield Potential
  • Excellent Winter Hardiness
  • Wide Adaptability

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Soft white winter wheat.

  • Very Good Yellow (Stripe) Rust Resistance
  • Excellent Standability
  • Excellent Test Weight
  • Outstanding Yield Potential

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Hard red winter wheat.

  • Excellent Yield Potential
  • Very Good Test Weight
  • Moderate Foliar Disease Resistance
  • Very Good Standability

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Identify and Control Diseases In Season

Your best defense against yield-robbing diseases is planting varieties that have excellent disease resistance packages.


Seeding Rate Recommendations for Modern Wheat Products

Spring wheat is seeded at higher population compared to winter wheat. Since wheat seed varies in seed size (seeds/lb) and germination rates, the following equation can be used to determine seeding rate in pounds per acre.