Introducing The ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System

Improve the Potential of Every Pound

Using information about your specific seeds and fields (seed count per pound, planting date, geography, production practices and your target seeds per acre), the ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System determines your Optimal Seeding Rate, to help you maximize your yield and profit potential.

The Impact of Optimal Seeding Rates

Seed size and density can have a dramatic impact on how many seeds are in a pound. So, planting based on pounds per acre alone can lead to less than desired outcomes. See how inaccuracy in either direction can impact yield and profit potential.


If You Underseed

You waste valuable acreage, increase the risk of weeds (by giving them more access to sunlight and more room for their roots to grow), delay the maturity of your crops, or have to rely too much on tillering.


If You Overseed

You waste money on unnecessary seeds, increase the risk of yield-robbing threats like disease, increase the risk of lodging, or increase the competition for nutrients in the soil as well as sunlight.

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