Certified Wheat Seed

Certified Seed varieties from WestBred® wheat give you performance you can feel confident about — with less work and more profit potential. On average, farmers who plant Certified Seed see a 5 bu/a yield advantage over saved seed.*

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Purity and Performance

Certified Seed is wheat seed of a single variety that has passed an official inspection. It contains no other crops, no foreign material and is absent of certain seedborne diseases. Certified Seed must meet strict quality standards to prove that is has a certain yield potential.



Stop Saving. Start Earning.


While planting saved seed (also called bin-run seed) might seem like a money saver, it can have an impact on your long-term profitability because saved seed is more vulnerable to crop disease and performance loss. Certified Seed makes your dollar go further with better performance potential and varietal purity. Calculate the yield advantages of Certified Seed with our Profitability Calculator.

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Click here to view the WestBred wheat single-use license agreement for limited-use varieties.


* Monsanto Market Probe Survey, 2015


** For an average-size farm of 500 acres gaining an extra 5 bu/A on average from Certified Seed at $4.95/bu.