Commodity Classic

WestBred® wheat will be at the 2018 Commodity Classic. Take this opportunity to talk to WestBred team members and learn more about the benefits of Certified Seed and how it can increase your profit potential.

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WestBred Wheat Growers Make Up Nearly 50 Percent of National Winners in Yield Contest

WestBred wheat announced today that 22 WestBred growers placed at the national and/or state levels in the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest. The National Wheat Yield Contest, organized by the National Wheat Foundation (NWF), highlights the practices of growers that maximize production.


Calculate & Compare Potential Yields

Find out how planting certified seed can increase your yield potential, compared to replanting saved seed. Plus, see the difference an Optimal Seeding Rate can make, compared to planting by the pound.

With Certified Seed, you know what you’re buying. It's all about varietal purity. Ninety-nine percent of the time you get really good germination and there is no chance of finding foreign seeds in there. It's all tested.
Nick Lowen - Hill County, Montana

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Maximize Your Scouting Efforts

Scouting your field can have a real impact on yield and profit potential for your wheat crop.

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