2017 NWYC Winners

22 WestBred® wheat growers were recognized in Anaheim, California at the 2018 Commodity Classic for being winners of the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest. You can join them next year by entering in the 2018 contest.

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WestBred Wheat Growers Make Up Nearly 50 Percent of National Winners in Yield Contest

WestBred wheat announced that 22 WestBred growers placed at the national and/or state levels in the 2017 National Wheat Yield Contest. The National Wheat Yield Contest, organized by the National Wheat Foundation (NWF), highlights the practices of growers that maximize production.


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I knew WB1529 was a new and upcoming variety, so I thought it would be the best one to enter into the contest. I was extremely happy with the yield results; WB1529 was one of the best varieties I’ve planted this year.
Jason Beechinor - Walla Walla, Washington

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Decision Time on Late Emerging Winter Wheat

Drought has had a tight grip on the great plains during the fall and winter months. Now that some rainfall has occurred in some areas and in some cases, winter wheat is now emerging, growers are curious on what they should expect.

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