Why Use Certified Seed?

Learn more about why purchasing certified seed for your wheat fields can give you greater performance and profit potential.

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WestBred Wheat Growers Recognized in National Wheat Foundation’s Inaugural Yield Contest

WestBred® wheat is proud to have 14 national- and state-level winners represented in the National Wheat Yield Contest. The National Wheat Yield Contest, organized by the National Wheat Foundation (NWF), highlights the production practices of growers that maximize the quantity and quality of wheat.


Calculate & Compare Potential Yields

Find out how planting certified seed can increase your yield potential, compared to replanting saved seed. Plus, see the difference an Optimal Seeding Rate can make, compared to planting by the pound.

We’ve been planting certified seed for 18 years. It has better varieties. The [certified] varieties we grow are the best and make us the most money.
John McDonnell, Gallatin County, Montana

Agronomic Updates

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Seeding Rate Recommendations for Modern Wheat Products

There can be advantages to modifying plant densities with variable planting dates for spring wheat.

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Kansas Wheat Announces Winners of 2017 Yield Contest

Kansas Wheat is proud to announce the winners of the 8th Annual Kansas Wheat Yield Contest. This year’s top wheat yields belong to Spencer West of LeRoy, Eastern Region winner; Richard Seck of Hutchinson, Central Region Winner and Alec Horton of Horton Seed Services in Leoti, Western Region Winner.