Certified Seed

Planting certified wheat seed doesn’t just boost yield potential by an average 5 Bu/A. You can also trust that certified seed has passed strict inspection to ensure purity, performance and profit potential.

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Bred to Win. Bred for You.

WB-GRAINFIELD was the #1 yielding variety in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska in 2015. Learn more about this product with exceptional yield potential, plus very good disease resistance, test weight, standability, and milling and baking qualities.


Calculate & Compare Potential Yields

Find out how planting certified seed can increase your yield potential, compared to replanting saved seed. Plus, see the difference an Optimal Seeding Rate can make, compared to planting by the pound.

Wheat has become an important part of our business here at The Arthur Companies and WestBred is a key component of this. Varieties like WB9653, WB-MAYVILLE and WB9507 have been very good and consistent performers for our customers.
Brandon Hokana, Agronomist, The Arthur Companies

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Best Management Practices for Weed Control in Wheat

Weed control is essential for wheat quality and yield. One Italian ryegrass plant per square foot can compete with wheat and cause a 4 percent loss in yield potential. Quality of harvested grain and harvest efficiency is also affected by weed growth.

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