North Dakota & Minnesota WestBred Plant & Protect Program

Plant, Protect and Earn

Earn incentives when you make smart choices for your wheat operation — including high-performing seed and broad-spectrum disease control.

# 1. PLANT 
with a purchase of WestBred spring wheat Certified Seed variety for strong performance potential.

with a purchase of Prosaro 421 SC fungicide for the 2021 growing season.

# 3. EARN 
$.50/A in incentives*
* Only Eligible product purchases will qualify. Incentives will be calculated starting with the lowest acre product. See the example below.

WestBred wheat will provide an incentive of $.50 per acre for each acre utilizing both WestBred spring wheat Certified Seed and Prosaro fungicide (i.e., the lesser of the two products purchased on a per acre equivalence) with a minimum of 200 acres of each product.

The 2020 eligible sales period is the spring wheat growing season in the Bayer crop year of September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021.

"Bayer putting this program together is very beneficial. We've never really questioned whether we are going to use Prosaro, it is in the game plan that we are going to get it on the crop. For Bayer to give us a little kickback - a little incentive to go out and protect it, I think it is a good program for everyone."
"The performance within our area has always been strong with Prosaro. The growers have built up confidence over the years from getting consistent results out of it. We've had growers try a generic fungicide and ran Prosaro on other acres, and it was a stark difference between the fields. The generics just did not hold, did not provide performance that the Prosaro did, and that was the big eye-opener to our growers."
“Anytime we can make a farmer’s life easier, simpler, and just pair up a high-performing seed with a high-performing fungicide, it is a nice match. It’s incentivizing the right match of products and you are also incentivizing farmers to use the right rates, as well.”

Download to Learn More

Want to learn more about how to earn incentives with WestBred wheat and Prosaro fungicide? Download our PDF below


 • Growers must operate in qualifying geography* and purchase from an authorized seed supplier and retailer between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.

• Growers must have at least $100 in WestBred® Plant and Protect Program incentives at the time of redemption to claim incentive.

• Growers must purchase a WestBred spring wheat Certified Seed variety and Prosaro fungicide. The lowest acre product will be the determination for calculation of incentive.


Acre incentives are based on the per acre match between WestBred spring wheat varieties and Prosaro fungicide. 

All payments under this program are based on grower data submitted by both the authorized WestBred seed suppliers in the ConnectIN™ Wheat Insight System reporting system and by authorized Bayer Crop Science chemistry retailers in the Data Dimensions reporting system. Grower sales data must include Tech ID and/or Grower Loyalty ID, be submitted via approved electronic means by seed suppliers and retailers no later than September 11, 2021, and is subject to validation (must be Valid Grower Sales.)

All incentive payments are dispersed and paid based on final reconciliation completion. Payments will be mailed directly to grower address in the system between November 18, 2021, and February 12, 2022. 

For the purposes of this program, WestBred acres will be calculated as 120.0 pounds seeding rate of product equals one acre and Prosaro acres will be calculated as 8.2 fluid ounces of product equals one acre.


Program Calculation Example for Product Portfolio Incentive

Products Acre Match Rate Purchased Acres Incentive Acres Incentive per Acre Incentive      
Westbred® Seed 120.0 lbs/A 2,100 - - -      
Prosaro® 8.2 fl oz 2,500 2,100 $.50 $1,050      
        Total Incentive $1,050      




2. Grower programs are an important part of the marketing strategy for Bayer. If a grower purchases Bayer products from a source other than Bayer (or Bayer seed supplier or authorized retailer) Bayer retains the option to deny payment to the grower under the terms of the grower program. Only products purchased from Bayer or another Bayer authorized entity and sold to growers are eligible for grower program payment.

3. No commission, incentive, rebate, refund, discount or other promotional payment shall be paid on units of eligible products under market funding programs where the sale is executed via an online electronic point of sale system unless approved by Bayer in writing.

4. Growers will forfeit incentives if products are resold outside of the Bayer’s authorized distribution or retail network.

5. All federal, state, or local taxes on payments received under this program are the sole responsibility of the payment recipient, and not of Bayer or its agents.

6. Bayer reserves the final decision, in its absolute discretion, on whether purchasers are valid growers.

7. Fraudulent reporting of purchase or sales information or documentation that Bayer, in its absolute discretion, believes are not made in good faith are not made in the ordinary course of business or are made with the purpose of manipulating program earnings, will be grounds for withholding or invalidating all program payments or reimbursement of any payments already made as well as immediately terminating distributor’s contract.

8. Bayer reserves for a period of three (3) years from the 2021 Marketing Year the right to audit compliance with all conditions and provisions of this program or other Bayer offers which includes, but is not limited to, an audit of seed supplier’s, retailer’s or grower’s books/records and an inspection of facilities. Any seed supplier and/or retailer or grower found to have submitted false or fraudulent information would be responsible for the cost of the program audit and forfeiture of the applicable program payments. If seed supplier and/or retailer or grower does not have the proper documentation for the three (3) year audit term, Bayer may treat such lack of valid documentation as if the sales were invalid and not properly made and subject to payment of the cost of the audit and forfeiture of program payments.

9. All information provided by Bayer regarding individual program earnings is a good faith estimate of total earnings potential. Bayer will calculate actual total program earnings and payments, at its sole discretion.

10. Bayer reserves the right to debit future payments due or otherwise seek reimbursement if errors are discovered after payments have been issued.

11. Bayer CropScience LP registers its products in the United States in accordance with and to meet U.S. regulatory standards. Such products are sold for labeled uses only and must be used only in accordance with all label instructions. Bayer recognizes that growers and exporting entities can participate in the global export markets for their commodities. However, standards, interpretation of those standards and testing procedures can vary significantly from country to country, and are subject to change. As such, while it will strive to assist growers by providing available information, Bayer cannot guarantee that meeting U.S. residue or tolerance standards will ensure compliance with maximum residue levels (MRLs) or other standards in place in importing countries. Growers and exporting entities are responsible to educate themselves about export markets and their requirements. If a grower or exporter is concerned about meeting any MRLs for an active ingredient or related metabolite, then testing for residues should be considered as an option to ensure residue levels are compliant with the applicable MRL.


*Only growers with business addresses residing in North Dakota or Minnesota qualify for the WestBred Plant & Protect Program.

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