Winter Wheat Harvesting Status

Winter wheat harvest is in full swing across the country and Kansas farmer Michael Sieck is right in the midst of it. 

“I farm in Edson, Kansas, in the northwest corner of Kansas. I was born and raised on this farm, and I am the third generation to make a living from raising wheat, corn and cattle for 35 years now,” Michael said.

This season, Michael planted several WestBred® wheat varieties.

“We raise several WestBred wheat numbers for seed production, including most new releases,” Michael said. 

Michael’s love of farming shines through his work and it shows each year as he tries to learn as much as he can about the industry.  

“Passion is the answer,” Michael said. “It’s what makes us try new things and always strive to learn from the past, improve our strategies and techniques, then implement them with success.”  

In Prospect Valley, Colorado, it’s been a season Marc Arnusch won’t forget. 

“We had another spectacular day harvesting variety #4418 at #ArnuschFarms,” Marc said. “Great yields start with a great variety, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s a perfect fit for the dryland acres, and it’s unbelievable under irrigation. Best wheat we’ve ever grown. Period.”



We also checked in with WestBred wheat Commercial Manager, Andrew Blubaugh, of the central Plains to get an update on what he has seen this season.

“We’ve seen some of the best wheat yields in parts of the central Plains,” Andrew said.

While it was a record-breaking season for some, Andrew also noted that there were many struggles for some in other parts of the country.

“It was great for some, but there were many challenges for others with record rainfall and flooding,” Andrew said.

Have you finished your winter wheat harvest? What varieties did you grow this season? Send us a message or photo of your winter wheat fields on Facebook or Twitter, or drop us an email at


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