Hard Red Winter Wheat

‎Key Strengths

WB4511 is an awnless Hard Red Winter Wheat variety for dual-purpose forage and grain use with excellent Leaf Rust and Soil-Borne Mosaic resistance. This medium-maturing variety has very good yield potential. Timely harvest is important due to some shatter potential.

  • Awnless Forage and Grain Variety
  • Very Good Yield Yield Potential 
  • Very Nice Staygreen 
  • Very Good Standability 
  • Very Good Milling and Baking Quality 
  • Single-Use License Variety
"WB4511 is a new medium-maturity, awnless variety for the Southern Plains with very good yield potential and good grain quality. It has good test weight, straw strength and leaf rust tolerance as well as intermediate tolerance to wheat streak mosaic virus."
John FendersonSenior Technical Product Manager - Southern Region

Recommended for the Southern Region

"WB4511 should be planted at medium to high seeding rates to maximize forage potential."
John FendersonSenior Technical Product Manager - Southern Region
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