Hard Red Winter Wheat

Key Strengths

For a Hard Red Winter Wheat with excellent yield potential, look no further than WB4510CLP. This Clearfield® Plus variety has excellent test weight, very good winter hardiness and a disease package you expect from your wheat, including resistance to powdery mildew.

  • Clearfield® Plus Variety

  • Excellent Yield Potential 

  • Very Good Winter Hardiness

“The new WB4510CLP fills an important niche in Northern Plains winter wheat production where grassy weeds are the limiting factor in producing successful winter wheat. Where grass weeds such as feral rye, downy brome or jointed goatgrass are prevailing, Clearfield winter wheat provides a much-needed tool."
Grant Mehring Technical Product Manager - Northern Region

Recommended for the Northern Region

"WB4510CLP is a medium-maturing, medium-tall, winter hardy wheat with a high test weight that can compete for yield while providing a nice disease package, especially regarding Fusarium head blight and yellow (stripe) rust.”
Grant Mehring Technical Product Manager - Northern Region
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