WB4401 Hard Red Winter Wheat

WB4401, a Hard Red Winter Wheat, offers growers a medium-maturing variety with excellent yield potential. With very good test weight and excellent quality, WB4401 also brings a strong disease tolerance and resistance package including good Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) resistance and very good Hessian Fly tolerance.

Key Strengths

WB4401 offers excellent yield potential; excellent milling and baking quality with very good protein content; excellent forage yield potential; and a strong disease resistance package.

"It has a very adequate disease package, but the thing that really gets you is that it has extremely high yield potential, it has a large, fertile head type that means it can put out a lot of large berries per head and a long head type that’s very strong. It appeals visually to farmers. When I first saw the variety, it jumped out at me."
John Fenderson Technical Product Manager, Southern Region
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Recommended for these regions

CTR=Central Region
STR= Southern Region


Fall Growth Potential 2  
Plant Height M  
Winter Hardiness 3  
Tillering Potential 2  
Test Weight 4  
Standability 3  




Protein Content

Milking/Baking Quality 2  


Adaptation     CTR, STR  
Class     HRW  
Herbicide Tolerance     -  
Emergence     2  
Maturity     M  
Planting Rate     M-H  
Type     A  
Yield Potential      1  
Plant Variety Protection     P  
Limited Use License Agreement Required     Y  
Crop System     IR, DR  
Contractual Agreement at Purchase     Y  
Patent Protection     P  
Pest and/or Disease Profile


Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) 5  
Hessian Fly 4  
Leaf Rust 5  
Powdery Mildew 2  
Soil-Borne Mosiac 2  
Tan Spot 5  
White Streak Mosaic 7  
Yellow (Stripe) Rust 3  
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"So, the high yield potential, the very adequate test weight, it has above average quality – it’s average protein but the bake quality is quite good. Those three things together make for a variety that gives you potential to yield, potential for some protein, potential for some end-use premiums possibly, plus a solid agronomic package so you don’t have to be very worried about managing for diseases.."
John FendersonTechnical Product Manager, Southern Region

Wheat Legend


            ‎         HRW = Hard Red Winter

            ‎         HRS = Hard Red Spring

            ‎         SRW = Soft Red Winter

            ‎         Durum = Durum

            ‎         HWW = Hard White Winter

            ‎         SWW = Soft White Winter

            ‎         HWS = Hard White Spring

            ‎         SWS = Soft White Spring


                     Maturity Codes:

                     E = Early

                     M-E = Medium-Early

                     M = Medium

                     M-L = Medium-Late

                     L = Late


                    Area of Adaptation:

                    CTR = Central Region

                    MTR = Montana Region

                    NTR = Northern Region

                    NWR = Northwest Region

                    STR = Southern Region

                    SWR = Southwest Region

                       Planting Rate:

                            M = Medium
                            M-H = Medium

                            H = High


                            Plant Height:

                            S = Short

                            M-S = Medium-Short

                            M = Medium

                            M-T = Medium-Tall

                            T = Tall


   Herbicide Tolerance:

   CL = Clearfield Production System

   CLP/CL+ = Clearfield Plus Production System


                            Rating Scale:

                            1 - 2 = Excellent

                            3 - 4 = Very Good

                            5- 6 = Good

                            7 - 8 = Fair

    ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ ‎‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎                9 = Poor

The ratings are approximate and should not be considered absolute. Based on internally conducted trials relative to other WestBred® brand wheat varieties.

*Based on WestBred conducted trials. Relative to other WestBred brand products. Rating Scale: 1=Excellent, 9=Poor.

Traits for which no rating value is shown were not rated for this products.