New Products

Introducing the latest class of superior-performing products from WestBred wheat. Our proven, regionally specific wheat varieties are locally tested to deliver premium yield potential for your operation.

Hard Red Winter Wheat


WB4309 offers excellent yield potential; broad adaptability; good disease resistance package; and very good grain quality.


WB4401 offers a strong disease resistance package; excellent yield potential; excellent milling and baking quality with very good protein content; and excellent forage yield potential.


WB4505 offers excellent grain quality; excellent yield potential; very good Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus resistance; very good Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance.

Soft Red Winter Wheat

WB2606 Brand

WB2606 Brand offers very good Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) resistance; excellent yield potential; excellent standability; and a very good overall disease resistance package.

Hard Red Spring Wheat


WB9303 offers excellent yield and protein potential, excellent resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust, very good Hessian Fly resistance, and has excellent drought tolerance.


WB9606 offers excellent yield potential and test weight, very good straw strength, very good protein content, medium-tall stature, and is adapted for dryland conditions.


WB9707 possesses excellent yield potential and standability, excellent protein content, excellent milling and baking quality, excellent straw strength, and very good resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust.

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