Hard Red Spring Wheat

‎Key Strengths

Adapted for the Montana Region

WB9929 is a Hard Red Spring Wheat variety with excellent protein content as well as excellent standability and yield potential. WB9929 is a key companion product to WB9516 and WB9719 with low pH aluminum tolerance and excellent resistance to Hessian Fly.

  • Excellent Yield Potential 
  • Excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust Resistance 
  • Late Maturity for Harvest Flexibility 
  • Single-Use License Variety
“WB9929 is a late-maturity Hard Red Spring Wheat variety targeted for Montana dryland acres with good pH tolerance. It has excellent dryland yield performance and protein potential with a tall plant height. Current best recommendations are to plant this variety early and in areas where sawfly is not a seasonal pest.”
Erik FevoldWestBred® Wheat Regional Business Representative, Montana Region

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