Hard Red Spring Wheat

‎Key Strengths

Adapted for the Southwest Region

WB9727 is a Hard Red Spring Wheat Variety with excellent yield potential and very good protein content. This medium-late maturing variety is adapted for California's Sacramento Valley and has excellent milling and baking quality.

  • Excellent Yield Potential 
  • Very Good Protein Content 
  • Excellent Milling and Baking Quality 
  • Single-Use License Variety
“WB9727 has shown adequate grain yield and protein under very challenging conditions in the Grimes/Colusa region this year superior to WB9229. In strip trials in the San Joaquin Valley it outperformed WB9699 for grain yield and better protein. It appears to perform well with competitor varieties such as Summit 515 and AP Octane. WB9727 will be an offering alongside WB9229 in the WestBred portfolio.”
Grant PooleWestBred Wheat Regional Business Manager - Southwest Region

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