Hard Red Winter Wheat

‎Key Strengths

Adapted for the Central and Eastern Plains

WB4523 is a Hard Red Winter Wheat variety with excellent straw strength. This awned variety has excellent yield potential along with excellent milling and baking quality.

  • Excellent Yield Potential

  • Excellent Straw Strength and Standability

  • Excellent Milling/Baking Quality

WB4523 is a key companion product to WB4699 and WB4401 and has excellent leaf health, including resistance to yellow (stripe) rust.

“WB4523 has demonstrated consistent yield performance with exceptional plant health attributes, including tough pathogens such as Fusarium Head Blight and yellow (stripe) rust. It has shown exceptional standability, plant health and medium maturity makes WB4523 extremely well suited for the central corridor of the Great Plains, where strong yields and strong straw are premium attributes.”
John FendersonWestBred Wheat Technical Product Manager - Southern Region

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