Hard Red Winter Wheat

‎Key Strengths

Adapted for the Central and Southern Plains

WB4422 is a broadly adapted Hard Red Winter Wheat variety with excellent yield potential and standability. WB4422 is a key companion product to WB4792 and WB4595 with excellent winter hardiness and very good protein content.

  • Excellent Yield Potential 
  • Excellent Test Weight 
  • Excellent Standability 
  • Very Good Milling and Baking Quality and Protein Content 
  • Single-Use License Variety
“WB4422 has shown high-yield potential and to be a broadly-adapted winter wheat variety after six years of field testing. Excellent drought and heat tolerance coupled with very good standability allows WB4422 to be positioned across various yield environments in the Central and Southern Plains regions. With improved Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus tolerance, Fusarium Head Blight tolerance and end-use quality, this variety appears to be a potential replacement for WB-Grainfield acres.”
Mark LubbersWestBred Wheat Senior Technical Product Manager - Central Region

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