Soft White Winter Wheat

‎Key Strengths

Adapted for the Northwestern Region

WB1621 is an awnless Soft White Winter Wheat variety with excellent protein content as well as excellent test weight and yield potential. 

  • Excellent Yield Potential

  • Excellent Protein Content

  • Excellent Test Weight

WB1621 is a key companion product to WB1783 and WB1529 with broad adaptability and excellent straw strength.

“It was a tough drought year, but under irrigation WB1621 did exceptionally well. WB1621 showed good emergence and a good stand despite a harsh winter that thinned stands in some varieties and ended up out yielding all other varieties in our strip trial. I can say that this is one I will plant on my farm. It’s always nice to see good new varieties come our way.”
Casey ClingerGrower - Southeast Idaho

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