New Products 2021

Introducing the latest class of superior-performing products from WestBred® wheat. Our proven, regionally specific wheat varieties are locally tested to deliver premium yield potential for your operation.

New Spring Wheat Lines - Available for Planting

Three new WestBred brand spring wheat varieties available for planting in 2021 continue the drive to bring new genetics to market with increased yield and profitability potential for growers.

Hard Red Winter Wheat


WB4619 has excellent yield potential and an overall good disease package against leaf rust, powdery mildew and wheat stem sawfly. It holds winter dormancy well with excellent winter hardiness.


WB4510CLP is a Clearfield® Plus variety with excellent resistance to threatening diseases such as powdery mildew. This variety has excellent yield potential, test weight and very good winter hardiness.


WB4511 is an awnless dual-purpose forage and grain variety with excellent leaf rust and soil-borne mosaic resistance. This medium-maturity variety has very good yield potential.

Hard White Spring Wheat


WB7313 has excellent yield potential and protein. This medium-early maturity variety also has excellent standability and test weight. It has a very good disease package with resistance to leaf rust and yellow (stripe) rust.

Hard Red Spring Wheat


WB9215 has excellent test weight and straw strength. It also has excellent milling and baking quality. This medium-early maturing variety has excellent yield potential and very good protein and is a good companion product to WB9699. 


WB9516 has excellent yield potential and an overall very good disease package against powdery mildew and wheat stem sawfly. It has excellent milling and baking quality with very good standability and test weight.

Soft White Spring Wheat


WB6211CLP has excellent resistance to Hessian Fly and very good resistance to yellow (stripe) rust and powdery mildew. It has very good yield potential, standability and protein content.

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