Optimal Seeding Rate (OSR)

Maximize Yield Potential

Increase your yield and profit potential with custom seeding rate recommendations. Your optimal seeding rate recommendations are based on your fields, your selected varieties, seed count per pound, planting date and targeted plants per acre – helping you get the most out of every field.

Improve the Potential of Every Pound

Planting wheat seed based on pounds per acre alone can lead to less than desired outcomes. And inaccuracy in either direction can impact yield and profit potential.

If you underseed, you waste valuable acres and increase the risk of weeds in your fields.
If you overseed, you waste unnecessary seed and increase the risk of yield-robbing diseases and valuable nutrients.

Wheat Speak: Optimal Seeding Rates

In this episode of Wheat Speak with WestBred® Wheat, WestBred technical product managers and a Northern Plains agronomist share tips for optimizing your seeding rate.

See how an Optimal Seeding Rate can help you make the most out of your operation.


If you have purchased seed on-hand, ask your seed supplier to provide your customized Optimal Seed Rate recommendation.

Locate your nearest WestBred wheat seed supplier

Seed Suppliers

You can access specialized equipment and training to provide OSR recommendations to your growers.

Contact your local WestBred representative

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