Are You Ready to Win the Season?

This is your year. And WestBred wheat is dedicated to helping you win the season by providing locally tested, regionally specific wheat varieties with superior yield potential to help you come out on top.

2020 NWYC Contest

The National Wheat Foundation Officially Opens its 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest.

2020 NWYC Press Release



2020 NWYC Contest Rules

Click to view the 2020 NWYC Contest Rules.

WestBred wheat varieties are bred to offer industry-leading genetic potential. This contest highlights the production practices growers like you are using to maximize that potential — and celebrates the successes you’re seeing in the field. Plus, it awards national winners with a free trip to Commodity Classic 2020 in San Antonio, Texas


Winter Wheat – Irrigated

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Marc Arnusch, Keenesburg, Colorado, with a yield of 210.52 Bu/A with WB4418
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Phillip Gross, Warden, Washington, with a yield of 200.48 Bu/A with WB4394

Winter Wheat – Dryland

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Doug Stout, Genesee, Idaho, with a yield of 181.93 Bu/A with KELDIN 
  • 1st Place, Percentage Increase – Shawn Kimbrell, Sunray, Texas, with an increase of 372.87% over county average with WINTERHAWK
  • 3rd Place, Percentage Increase – Rick Horton, Leoti, Kansas, with an increase of 333.14% over county average with WB4792
  • 4th Place, High Yield – Alec Horton, Leoti, Kansas, with a yield of 146.81 Bu/A with WB4792
  • 4th Place, Percentage Increase – CR Freeman, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, with an increase of 333.00% over county average with WB4515

Spring Wheat – Dryland

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Trevor Stout, Genesee, Idaho, with a yield of 111.13 Bu/A with WB9668
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Brian Lacey, Wendell, Minnesota, with a yield of 103.04 Bu/A with WB9479
  • 2nd Place, Percentage Increase – Doug and Janelle Fitterer, New England, North Dakota, with an increase of 191.12% over county average with WB9590 
  • 3rd Place, Percentage Increase – Orin Knutson, Oslo, Minnesota, with an increase of 78.51% over county average with WB9590

Spring Wheat – Irrigated

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Derek Friehe, Moses Lake, Washington, with a yield of 180.77 Bu/A with WB9668
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Terry Wilcox, Rexburg, Idaho, with a yield of 151.40 Bu/A with WB9668
NWYC 2019 Press Release

The results are in, and WestBred growers once again set record yields across a diverse range of geographies and growing conditions.

NWYC 2019 Media Release Form

Click below to view the 2019 NWYC Media Release Form.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE THE ODDS OF WINNING.  VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. The 2019 Westbred Exclusive NWYC Contest (the “Contest”) runs concurrently with, but separately from, the 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest (the “NWYC”). The Official Rules for the NWYC are located at (the “NWYC Rules”).

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