Spring Wheat Tips For Idaho Growers

Spring is right around the corner — and Idaho wheat growers are setting the stage for a profitable growing season. No matter what class of spring wheat you grow, there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Variety selection is key. Minimize risk by choosing several varieties (and multiple classes), and pick those best suited for your geography, farm and management techniques.
  2. Timing matters. Be prepared to begin planting as early as your soil conditions, and Mother Nature, allow.
  3. Know your end users. Understand the market and strive for the quality your customers expect.

While varieties perform differently by environment (see No. 1 above!), I suggest growers consider several “go-to” WestBred® wheat varieties that perform well across a range of Idaho growing conditions.

    WB6430 (Soft White Spring Wheat)

Best suited for irrigated production, this medium-early-maturing variety has excellent straw strength along with excellent milling and baking quality.

    WB7589 (Hard White Spring Wheat)

Adaptable to irrigated environments, this variety boasts excellent straw strength, protein and yield potential, as well as excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance. 

    WB9668 (Hard Red Spring Wheat)

    Best suited for irrigated ground, this variety is popular for its excellent standability, Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance and excellent yield and protein potential.

    WB7696 (Hard White Spring Wheat) – NEW!

    Available in limited quantities for 2020, it makes a great companion to WB7589. This medium-maturity variety performs best in irrigated or high rainfall areas and when inputs are managed for protein and grain quality. It’s shown excellent standability, yield potential and test weight.

For additional information on WestBred spring wheat varieties, contact Trenton Stanger, Wheat Technical Product Manager, Southern Idaho, at 530-681-8288 or trenton.stanger@bayer.com.

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