Proper Grain Storage Important In Drought-Stressed Season

By Erik Fevold, WestBred® Wheat Regional Business Representative, Montana Region

Being able to store grain to observe the market and sell at the best possible time for your operation is an important benefit for on-farm grain storage. Proper grain storage has many benefits, particularly during a season when much of the nation’s wheat acres have been hit hard with severe drought conditions.

Tips for Proper Grain Storage:

Start Clean

• Remove any old grain, and check to make sure there are no insects that could damage new crops right away.

Maintain Proper Moisture

• Ideal moisture going into the bin is 13% or less for extended storage periods.

• This is key if you want the fl exibility to observe markets for extended times.

Maintain Proper Temps

• Monitor temperatures of bins to keep them 60 degrees or lower.

Inspect Regularly

• Constantly check bins to stay ahead of problems.

Much of the Montana spring wheat crop has received very timely rainfall, offering growers with quality grain storage the ability to take advantage of market prices after harvest. Wheat prices are expected to remain at current high levels. While other regions are being adversely affected by drought, Montana growers could be able to take advantage of a good harvest in a good market.

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