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Optimize Your Seeding Rate

With seeding rate recommendations, you can make informed choices to get more out of your wheat seed. See how an Optimal Seeding Rate can help maximize your yield and profit potential. 

Check Out the Latest Varieties From WestBred Wheat

With new seed comes new yield potential. See what the 2019 varieties can offer your wheat fields.

Management Matters

It’s been said that the average wheat grower makes upward of 40 critical management decisions throughout the course of one growing season. I’ve identified five key decisions that, when thoughtfully considered, will help growers manage their crops to maximize yield potential.

"We’ve been planting certified seed for 18 years. It has better varieties. The [certified] varieties we grow are the best and make us the most money."
John McDonnell - Gallatin County, Montana

Agronomic Updates

Certified Seed vs. Saved Seed: Wheat Experts Compare Costs and Benefits

As a wheat grower, you strive every day to maximize yield and profit potential.

News & Media

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