Growing wheat isn’t for the faint of heart. But thanks to the strong performance of WestBred, it’s always worth it.

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Tiller Talk

Best Production Practices with Technical Product Manager, Grant Mehring

During Commodity Classic 2021, WestBred welcomed Technical Product Manager, Grant Mehring, to a Live Session of Tiller Talk to discuss Best Production Practices. Take a look at what he had to share with Senior Marketing Manager, Cynthia Tipton, on approaches to increasing yield.

WestBred Wheat Launches New Spring Wheat Lines

Three new WestBred brand spring wheat varieties available for planting in 2021 continue the drive to bring new genetics to market with increased yield and profitability potential for growers.

2020 National Wheat Yield Contest WestBred Winners

The results are in, and WestBred growers once again set record yields across a diverse range of geographies and growing conditions.

Check Out the Latest Varieties From WestBred Wheat

With new seed comes new yield potential. See what WestBred varieties can offer your wheat fields.

Management Matters

It’s been said that the average wheat grower makes upward of 40 critical management decisions throughout the course of one growing season. I’ve identified five key decisions that, when thoughtfully considered, will help growers manage their crops to maximize yield potential.

Agronomic Updates

12 Agronomic Practices to Increase Spring Wheat Yields

Here are 12 management practices that could significantly increase spring wheat yields in 2021 and beyond.

News & Media

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