May 22, 2020

Current Status: Spring Wheat

As the spring wheat season is in full effect across the country, its progress varies state by state. Take a look below to see the current status of the season from each region.



NW Kansas / SW Nebraska

NW Kansas/ SW Nebraska NW Kansas and SW Nebraska spring wheat has almost caught up to winter wheat! - Andrew Blubaugh April 30, 2020



Northern Plains ( South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota)

Northern Plains ( South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota) Spring wheat planting has progressed nicely in the northern Plains. The entire state of South Dakota, southwest, central, parts of southeast North Dakota, and the southern half of Minnesota have all seen steady and widespread spring wheat seeding in the past two weeks. The northern tier of North Dakota and Minnesota are all seeing localized but minimal spring wheat seeding with more days of field drying needed for widespread planting. The earliest seeded spring wheat in the region has emerged. - Grant Mehring May 4, 2020

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