April 01, 2020

Make Smart Decisions Before Planting

Decisions Made Before Seed Goes Into The Ground Are Important.

By Trenton Stanger, WestBred® Technical Product Manager, Montana Region

Being proactive with managing pests is more efficient and economical than being reactive during the season, and seed selection is the first proactive measure you can take. Knowing the history of pests and diseases in your geography and on your farm can help guide variety decisions prior to planting. Many variety options exist that offer disease and insect tolerances that can pay off later in the season, and choosing certified seed ensures you have access to purity, performance and profit potential.

Give Crop a Boost

Getting the crop to a fast, healthy start is important for disease and pest avoidance. Starter fertilizer and seed treatments are recommended to give seedlings a boost and protect against early season diseases and insects. Scouting the crop early is also essential for staying in front of any issues that may arise. Keep an eye out for the following this season:

  • Root and Crown Diseases - Often go unnoticed, reducing stands and subsequently yield. Best management practices occur at planting and include using a seed treatment and variety selection.


  • Wheat Stem Sawfly – If you consistently have moderate to heavy sawfly pressure, I recommend planting sawfly-tolerant varieties, such as WB-Gunnison, WB9377 and WB9879CLP.
  •   Fusarium Head Blight – Can become serious if warm, humid weather occurs during or after heading and inoculum is present. If your environment is ideal for FHB, varieties with tolerance to this disease are available for planting, such as WB9590.
  •  Stripe Rust – This disease can develop rapidly in appropriate temperatures and during prolonged leaf wetness. If stripe rust is more of a concern then a high-performing, heat and drought-tolerant variety like WB9719 might be a better fit for your operation.

For additional information, contact Trenton Stanger, Wheat Technical Product Manager, Montana, at 530-681-8288 or trenton.stanger@bayer.com.