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Hard White Winter Wheat

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Regional Wheat Seed Products

Whatever challenges you face, WestBred wheat has the breeding technology and locally proven varieties to make your season a success. To explore the products we’ve developed for your fields, start by selecting your region below.

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Developing High-Yielding Varieties

WestBred wheat seed is developed with advanced Monsanto technologies like molecular breeding, the doubled haploid process and the wheat seed chipper—ensuring that every new variety is bred to perform, and ready for your fields faster than ever before.

To bring additional focus to our breeding efforts, we established the Monsanto Wheat Technology Center in 2013. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, the center allows us to bring all of our breeders and technologies together under one roof. The center not only strengthens our breeding program overall, it accelerates our ability to develop new high-yielding varieties.   

But before any new WestBred varieties make it to market, they have to prove they have what it takes after planting. Our network of regional testing locations ensures that every wheat seed variety we offer not only performs, but performs in conditions like yours.

In the past few years, we’ve doubled the amount of plots we use for local testing, ensuring better adaptation for the regions we serve and generating twice the amount of performance data we were able to produce in the past. Just as we’ve provided greater focus for our breeders, we’ve done the same for our testing program. Our wheat testers are 100 percent dedicated to testing—it’s all they do. Skilled agronomists, data collectors and researchers devote all of their time to evaluating seed performance and helping us optimize the products we bring to market. To us, giving our experts the ability to focus is as critical to producing high-yielding varieties of wheat seed as many of the other techniques and processes we utilize.

What does all of this mean to farmers? It means high-yielding varieties that are adapted for your conditions and tested in your backyard. And ultimately, better yield potential and better value.

Regional Products