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Northwest Region

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Hard Red Winter Wheat - CL
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Top Products in the Northwest Region




KELDIN (NEW), a HRW wheat variety, stands out for its protein content. This yield potential leader also provides an outstanding disease package with excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew and Yellow (Stripe) Rust and very good resistance to Leaf Rust.

WB1529 (NEW) is a SWW wheat variety that growers will love for its outstanding yield potential and winter hardiness. Broadly adapted, this variety maintains excellent test weight, emergence and Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance.

WB1604 (NEW) is a SWW wheat known for its excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance and protein content. This winter-hardy, medium-maturing variety features excellent standability and emergence, and very good test weight and yield potential.




WB6121 (NEW), a SWS wheat, offers high yield potential combined with excellent resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust, Hessian Fly and Fusarium Head Blight (Scab). As an early maturing variety, it is adapted to dryland and high-rainfall environments.

WB6341 (NEW) is a companion variety to WB6121 that gives growers a medium-maturing choice. This SWS wheat is equipped with outstanding yield potential, test weight and emergence, and features excellent resistance to Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) and Hessian Fly.

WB9518 (NEW) is a high yield potential HRS variety with excellent resistance to Strawbreaker Foot Rot and Yellow (Stripe) Rust, and is adapted to dryland and high-rainfall environments.

Northwestern Region