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WB-1035CL+ is a Clearfield® Plus technology variety for the Northwest Region that helps to control tough grass-based weeds. This Soft White Spring wheat is early to mature with excellent Hessian Fly tolerance and very good test weight.


WB-HARTLINE is a medium maturity variety with the very good Hessian Fly tolerance necessary for the high rainfall areas of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. This Hard White Spring wheat has excellent yield potential, protein content and milling and baking quality.


WB-PALOMA is a Hard White Spring variety with excellent yield potential for the irrigated areas of the southern Pacific Northwest. It stands strong with short-medium plant height. Excellent milling and baking characteristics make it a preferred choice by multiple end-users of the flour industry.


WB6121 (NEW) is a Soft White Spring variety that offers a strong replacement for NICK. Excellent resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Hessian Fly has been added to this early maturity offering. Complete with outstanding test weight and excellent yield 

potential, WB6121 a stable performing variety that is highly competitive in the Pacific Northwest.


WB6341 (NEW) is a newly released companion variety to WB6121 that offers growers a new varietal choice with medium maturity. This helps WB6341 provide a potential yield advantage where there is a longer growing season. Excellent test weight also contributes to overall excellent yield potential. This Soft White Spring variety retains very good Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Hessian Fly tolerance.


WB9518 (NEW) is a newly released Hard Red Spring variety that packs excellent yield potential,  excellent protein potential and excellent test weight into one variety. As a replacement for HANK, WB9518 provides excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Hessian Fly resistance while producing high protein content for a strong profit potential to growers in the Pacific Northwest.


COMING SPRING 2015 WB6430 is a new Soft White Spring wheat release for irrigated acres with excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance, short plant height and excellent test weight potential


COMING SPRING 2015 WB9668  is a new Hard Red Spring variety with excellent protein potential with overall foliar disease protection for irrigated acres.




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