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Northern Region

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Hard Red Spring Wheat
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WB-MATLOCK has very good test weight, protein content and Leaf Rust resistance, as well as excellent Stem Rust resistance. This winter-hardy variety is widely adaptable, with exceptional yield potential and emergence.

WB-GRAINFIELD (NEW) has excellent yield potential and very good resistance to Leaf Rust and Stem Rust. Growers can rely on WB-GRAINFIELD for its very good test weight, standability and milling and baking qualities.

WB4059CLP is an early maturing HRW wheat variety with Clearfield Plus technology. This awnless variety features outstanding yield potential, wide adaptability, excellent standability and emergence, and very good protein content.




WB9507 (NEW) is a HRS wheat with very good protein content. Widely adapted to all parts of the Northern region, this variety offers growers resistance to Tan Spot and Fusarium Head Blight (Scab).

WB-MAYVILLE offers excellent yield potential and Stem Rust resistance. This variety is best suited for production systems with good moisture availability and responds well to early planting.

WB9879CLP is the first Wheat Stem Sawfly-tolerant variety with Clearfield Plus technology for maximized weed control introduced in the Northern Region. WB9879CLP has great emergence, good protein and excellent resistance to Stem Rust.

Northern Region