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Spotlight on the Wheat Field


"We really enjoy the Clearfield technology offered with some of the WestBred wheat varieties. We’ve been able to really clean up some of our grassy problem fields with these varieties. The certified seed program is a good program, and going forward it seems to be getting more research throughout the wheat industry."

Dan Works, Wheat Producer - Big Sandy, Montana

Top Products

WB9653 (coming soon), a new Hard Red Spring wheat, is known for its strong disease package, offering excellent resistance to Leaf Rust and very good resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Fusarium Head Blight (Scab). This variety also provides excellent yield potential, standability and test weight.

SAMSON is a uniform Hard Red Spring variety that offers excellent yield potential from the Red River Valley corridor and west through central North Dakota. This medium- early maturity wheat has excellent standability with short plant height and good protein potential.

WB9507 (NEW) is a new Hard Red Spring variety that provides the widest adaptability to all areas of the Northern Region. A strong disease package leads with excellent Fusarium Head Blight resistance. Very good protein content makes this medium maturity wheat very competitive on the market


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