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Working Together to Develop Better Wheat Varieties

Monsanto has a rich history of collaboration with universities and public sector institutions around the world and we believe growers will continue to benefit from collaborations that bring together complementary wheat research programs.

To support this effort, Monsanto has announced several collaborations in both the public and private sectors, including partnerships with North Dakota State University, Kansas State University and Virginia Tech. Monsanto is working closely with the universities’ breeding programs to exchange germplasm and breeding research to develop improved varieties. 
These types of public/private collaboration will benefit wheat growers as they will have a greater selection of improved varieties from both public and private wheat breeding programs.

These types of collaborations are also consistent with the National Association of Wheat Growers’ call for investment in wheat, and during a time when interest and support for new technologies in wheat remains high.

Monsanto remains committed to ongoing dialogue with the wheat industry and farmers to support the successful introduction of new technologies thoughtfully.

As we work to develop and apply new technologies to wheat, the Monsanto has established and is consulting with a Wheat Advisory Council comprised of representatives from across the wheat value chain, including growers, academia, grain millers, bakers, processors and food companies. The Wheat Advisory Council is providing the team with guidance and feedback on the research, development and commercialization of new varieties and technologies in wheat.