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Since WestBred and Monsanto are focused on breeding better wheat varieties today, these same varieties will serve as the germplasm foundation for future biotechnology traits long term. Biotech traits are just one important piece of a robust system that will maximize yield potential for wheat farmers.

Currently, three biotechnology traits are in the early stages of development in the Monsanto pipeline:

  • Wheat Herbicide Tolerance 1 (Phase 2) (dicamba and glufosinate) would give farmers a choice for an additional mode of broad-spectrum weed control.
  • Wheat Herbicide Tolerance 2 (Phase 2) (glyphosate) is designed to give growers flexible and effective weed management options.
  • Higher Yield Wheat (Phase 1) would be stacked with herbicide-tolerance traits to offer multiple modes of weed control, offering growers better yield potential under average stress growing conditions.

These traits won’t be available to growers until the next decade. Currently, there are no biotechnology wheat traits available for sale or commercial production.