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Certified Wheat Seed

What is certified seed? Certified wheat seed is defined as seed of a known variety that has passed field inspection for varietal purity, which is the absence of certain weed seeds, other crop seeds and certain seed-borne diseases. In order to meet strict quality standards, certified seed is tested in the lab and in the field to ensure the ability to produce quality grain. When you purchase certified wheat seed, you are purchasing the purest genetics, the best germination, the highest quality grain and the highest yield potential available in the marketplace. You can also be sure you won’t have any noxious weed seed in your certified wheat seed.

Let’s consider the benefits of certified seed:

  • Minimize Agronomic Risks.
    Planting high-quality, professionally conditioned seed from the latest varieties gives farmers a great opportunity to minimize certain agronomic risks, such as pests and diseases, and maximize yield potential.
  • Varietal Purity Provides Improved Yield Potential.  
    While certification requirements vary from state to state, certain protocols like rotation, isolation and quality grading are standard among state certification programs. What does that mean for you? Varietal purity, which provides the best yield potential.​
  • Save Time and Money.
    The cost of reusing seed can exceed the cost of buying it new. You can reduce costs associated with moving seed in and out of bins, storage loss, cleaning and treating seed, labor and the application of herbicides and pesticides. And free up time for other important tasks.
  • Invest in the Future of the Wheat Industry.
    As wheat continues to be displaced by corn and soybeans, it is imperative for wheat to become more competitive on the farm. To do so, research and development efforts need to take place, to bring improved varieties and new technologies to wheat. When you buy certified wheat seed, you are backing those efforts and the future of the wheat industry.

Interested in learning about our Certified Seed Only program? Watch our webinar describing the benefits of CSO varieties and the program steps for wheat seed suppliers and farmers.​