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Certified Seed - Investing Today in a Better Tomorrow

Ask a typical small grains grower about Certified Seed and the likely response will be that they are familiar with the concept. Most farmers realize the multiple benefits; they might know some neighbors who practice this model on all or a majority of their acres; but...

Certified Seed is defined as seed of a known variety that has passed field inspection for varietal purity, which is the absence of certain wheat and other crop seeds, and certain diseases.

Let’s consider a few vital benefits of Certified Seed...

  1. Purchasing Certified Seed of the newest varieties is a great way to manage risk.
    Planting professionally conditioned quality seed of the latest released varieties gives growers a great opportunity to minimize certain agronomic risks. Moreover, on-going research confirmed that grain buyers and users are becoming increasingly interested in maintaining throughout the whole food industry, traceability or field-to-plate, knowing the origins of the product became an important element of safety.

  2. Excellent Seed Quality Benefit.
    Due to the nature of the Certified Seed concept, the varieties are being observed and nurtured; rotation and isolation protocols are kept. Moreover, seeds are tested in the laboratories and graded by the specialist to ensure the quality of the product. Thoroughly chosen seeds lead to the varietal purity, which is resulting in the possible yield advantage.

  3. Yield measures the success of a crop production.
    Many researchers conducted studies and observations measuring the correlation of the yield advantages and the Certified Seed. The studies suggest that the importance of quality advantage of the certified seed with combination of the disease package of the newer varieties have a better chance of overcoming the bad weather conditions and diseases in comparison with the standard non – certified varieties.

  4. Investing in Certified Seed is investing in the Future of the Industry.
    Certified Seed leverages research and developments efforts to produce the improved varieties. A downward trend driven by technology in corn and beans displacing wheat acres from grower’s farms. There is a clear concern throughout the wheat value chain from growers through to millers, bakers, exporters and food companies, concern about the place of wheat from a competitive point of view. R & D technologies is the answer to keeping wheat in its place on the farm in the U.S. And therefore, investing in Certified Seed means reinvesting in the wheat industry and a better future for all.

Bin-Run Seed is NOT Free

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Certified Seed is a good way to add value to the wheat operations on the farm today, and support the development of the whole wheat industry tomorrow.

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