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Who We Are

WestBred® is a premier wheat germplasm brand in the United States, with germplasm assets in all classes of wheat. Today, WestBred is focused on delivering high-performing, locally adapted varieties across all the major wheat classes in the United States through a network of more than 100 seed companies known as associates who license and sell WestBred germplasm as certified seed.

Backed by the technology and capabilities of Monsanto, who acquired the WestBred Assets in 2009, breeders of WestBred varieties will be working hard to apply the same breakthrough technologies that have been used to increase productivity in other core crops to help enhance the productivity, sustainability and profitability of wheat in the coming years. We’re confident this future work will help us be successful in delivering high-yielding and high-quality varieties to meet the needs of the industry and our growing planet.

The Four Pillars

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